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Make Time for Love — Godspacelight

April 14, 2021

by Rev Sheila Hamil Of all the songs I’ve written, I’ve had the most positive reaction and feedback to this one called , ‘Make time for love’, which has this to say: You’re too busy, counting all the ripples in the sea,Running round in circles needlessly,Making all those plans so easily.And you’re swimming,floundering in a whirlpool…

Make Time for Love — Godspacelight
  1. pynkoski2 permalink

    Lovely. And an important insight, to not be distracted from loving by even good things.

  2. Thank you for posting this. There are sometimes far too many good things that could be done. The need is to focus on the most important for me, in the circumstances of one’s own individual life — both with one’s talents and skills but also limitations.
    But that can be incredibly difficult to do, trying to discern what at my core I’m called to do.

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