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Evening Prayer – 14 April 2021

April 14, 2021

The sun has set and the Vesper Lights flicker and glow

For some reason I am exhausted tonight

The exhaustion runs deep

Perhaps it is the constant violence in this nation and world

Perhaps it is my concern that we have become callous and indifferent

These words of Thomas Merton ring so very true

Violence is not completely fatal until it ceases to disturb us. Thoughts in Solitude

Renew and revive our sense of justice and compassion

Challenge us to truly love our neighbor

In the stillness I lift this humble prayer to you

Dona Nobis Pacem et in Terra

Grant Us Peace on Earth

A wee prayer from the heart of your Padre..,

  1. clemencylucinda permalink

    Dear Michael, thank you for your words that also resonate with me, in my own tiredness. I hope you will awake today with renewed energy.
    Such powerful words from Thomas Merton and those beautiful words of blessing, ‘Donna Nobis Pacem et in Terra’. Thank you for these gifts.
    Blessings to you, dear friend.

  2. pynkoski2 permalink


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