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After 26 years in uniform as a USAF Chaplain (five of those years in the Reserves), I hung up my uniform for the final time on 30 June 2011, retiring as a Chaplain, Lieutenant Colonel. My wife Denise and I live in Estes Park, Colorado where I am the pastor of Presbyterian Community Church of the Rockies. 

This blog is a combination of Scripture reflections that are a part of my sermon preparation and nightly prayers I write. It is also a place where I share blogs from fellow bloggers and some of my own photography.

May you be blessed as you visit my little corner of the blogosphere!

  1. Dylan Raines permalink

    Hey Michael! How’s life in Estes Park?

    • Estes Park is amazing! We are really loving the wildlife literally in our yard (Elk & Deer) and hiking in the park plus walking around town. The church is very busy and I am enjoying the ministry immensely!

  2. Just a quick FYI. Daughter retired Major, USAF, 10 enlisted, 4 a Navy Nurse, 12 back to the AF as the Equal Opportunities officer with Dover AFB reserve component. Granddaughter, husband +4 children here enroute from Tinker to Geilenkirchen NATO base in Germany. Both academy grads, both Captains. I spent 6 with USMC, 3 ANG. Enjoying your blog, just wanted to say hi and thanks for your service.

  3. carol permalink

    Thank you for this wonderful blog. I am a devoted seeker for resources to help me learn and grow in faith so I can share lovingkindness as a psychotherapist. As a half Scotsirish woman mixed with PennDeutsch-Czech ancestors who is now a non-dual Christian member of a Quaker Meeting I deeply appreciate your writing. I grew up Presbyterian and explored many traditions in grad school and beyond, Now I participate in local centering prayer and meditation groups & Celtic spiritual studies and practices with other churches. I have been blessed to learn through lots of online resources, enjoy the CAC classes and Cynthia Bourgeault’s classes. So it is lovely to find your wide reaching topics…a gift…….Thank you for your on line ministry. ( and
    for your service…)

  4. Heather Reynolds permalink

    I must have saved a post from your blog a few years ago, Pastor, and I’ve come across it again! Blessed by your writing, insights…have filled in form for emails. Holy Spirit leads!! Blessings from 🇨🇦!

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