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Time — A Reflection

December 16, 2020
Carrollton Presbyterian Church in Carrollton, Georgia where I serve as Pastor

Time is both fleeting and dragging slowly

What is time?

Is it Chronos or Kairos time?

Is it linear (Chronos) or divine (Kairos)?

Time passes

But we don’t embrace the present moment

When we slow down and simply Be Still

Time takes on a sacred and holy meaning

As my dear friend and Abbess Christine Valters Paintner writes in her soon to be released book, Sacred Time: Embracing an Intentional Way of Life:

In sacred time, we step out of the madness of our lives and choose to reflect, linger, savor, and slow down. We gain new perspective here. (p. xi)

In the midst of this season of waiting and warchong

In the midst of the insanity of rampant consumerism

In the midst of it all

Lord, help us to step out of the madness

Help us to simply seek you in the silence

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer…

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