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Grace Street Remembered

May 26, 2018

I have found myself thinking a lot about my dear Brother Jeff Blake lately. He courageously fought cancer and always had a grace-filled outlook on life. A few weeks apart, we both walked the Stations of the Cross at the Cathedral Basilica of St Francis of Assisi in Santa Fe, New Mexico (pictured below).

Even thought we never physically met, our spirits were united in an amazing way as we shared thoughts about life, love, and this amazing journey on Grace Street.

As Denise and I hiked up to Gem Lake in the Rocky Mountain National Park yesterday (first picture), I thought a lot about my dear brother. As I caught up tonight on the readings from his book: “A Year on Grace Street–Daily Signposts” I came across this reflection from May 13th…

The Dream

Written on the 40th Anniversary of the Selma March on the road between Selma and Montgomery, Alabama

Not by a pillar of fire or an unknown cloud

in the far-flung sky,

not by some other sign

from God above, but by the still small voice,

consuming flame within,

I embrace this sacred journey,

this mission of remembrance,

and recommit myself to the dream.

A friend from Columbia Theological Seminary walked the same route just recently this year to reflect, remember, and renew her own commitment to Dr King’s Dream.

In a day where fear seems to reign supreme

In a time when News is only Sensational

In a time when different is bad

In a time when Diversity is scorned

Let your light shine, O Lord

May your Love overcome Fear

May #LoveWin

In the meantime, Lord

Walk with us on Grace Street

Equip and Empower us to share the light of your love

Make us instruments of your peace

Make us instruments of your reconciliation

Make us instruments of your mercy

Make us instruments of your love

Thank you, Jeff, for your loving witness

May light perpetual shine upon you my brother

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