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God Desires a Relationship!

May 26, 2018

Trinity Sunday is another one of those Sundays that can be difficult to follow. However, when you look at the Trinity from a perspective of a relationship and how God wants to be in relationship with us, it is a bit easier to digest. This picture of the Mama Owl and her two babies reminds me of the protective and nurturing aspects of God and our relationship with God.

Each year Trinity Sunday rolls around and I secretly hope that I am not preaching. It isn’t that I don’t believe in the Trinity (I do without a doubt), I just struggle with the way the Scripture readings are cobbled together to affirm a doctrine that was definitely post-Jesus and post-Resurrection! I grew up with the Apostles’ Creed believing in God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

As time went on and Seminary happened, my beliefs changed a bit. Instead of using the exclusive male dominated language, we were introduced to Creator, Christ, and Spirit… or Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer… all biblically based references to the Trinity. A fellow blogger who is also an Episcopal Priest uses the following video every year when Trinity Sunday comes around. Part of what is funny is that it is about St Patrick but by the Lutherans! St Patrick’s Bad Analogies The point of this sarcastic video is that no matter how hard we try to define the mystery, we always seem to screw it up!

Actually, one of the best analogies of the Trinity comes from David M. Bailey’s song, The First Breakfast (The First Breakfast). In it, he talks about God the Father and Jesus the Son… however, when it comes to the Holy Spirit, the reference is to She! What is the point? Well, as Denise has often said to the rather conservative Bible Study she attends, “If God is the Father and Jesus is the Son, why shouldn’t the Spirit be female… after all, if all of us are created in the Image of God (Imago Dei), it makes sense!”

This all comes back to how a certain preacher (this Padre) deals with Trinity Sunday. This year, in addition to Trinity Sunday worship (the white liturgical banners have been put up for one Sunday before we go to months of Ordinary Time (Sunday’s after Pentecost) Green, we are celebrating the exchange of vows between two members of the congregation at the end of worship (where Communion is placed on the First Sunday of each month). When they came to me, they wanted to have a simple exchange of vows. They didn’t want a huge service or production. Our family is the congregation and our kids… can we do this? Of course we can! So, tomorrow, we will celebrate the consecration of a marriage between two very dear souls. Those gathered will be their blood family and their spiritual family!

As I have discerned through the years of ministry and study (along with Denise), the Trinity really has one major message. The Trinity reveals that God lives in relationship and the best expression of God is found in relationship. After all, from the very beginning, God has sought to be in covenant relationship with all creation. As Jesus summarized the Law and the Prophets: Love God with your entire being and love your neighbor as yourself!

In today’s polarized and fear-filled world, there is far too much hatred of anyone and anything that is “different”… instead of seeing the rainbow of varieties found in creation, too many see only the my-way or the highway of thought. You are different, therefore you are wrong and I am right! Really? When God surveyed all that God had created, God declared all of creation GOOD!

Perhaps Trinity Sunday is calling us to kindle a divine relationship with all of our neighbors… may that be our challenge each and every day, dear reader!

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