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December 18, 2017

Much needed words from Ronnie…

Ronnie McBrayer

UnopenedThere is a Zen story about a young, impulsive warrior who made it his ambition to depose the legendary Master of the village. Making his threats and challenge public, a large crowd gathered outside the Master’s meager home to witness the contest. As the young man arrived with a cheering, jeering entourage, the old Master stepped outside with only a staff in his hand.

Immediately the young warrior began his assault, but skillfully, every blow, kick, and punch was deflected by the Master. Yet, he never struck back, not making a single offensive move. Frustrated by this, the young warrior resorted to nastiness by throwing rocks, spitting in the Master’s face, shrieking insults, and cursing. After hours of this, the young warrior gave up and left.

The Master’s students hurried to him: “Why did you allow him to insult you without consequence? How could you not retaliate?” they asked. The…

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