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Out of the Ruins

September 15, 2017

Powerful, Jake, powerful!

Jake Owensby

When Thordis Elva was sixteen, she got to know Tom Stranger. They were performing together in a school play. Tom was an eighteen-year-old Australian exchange student still struggling to get the hang of Iceland’s language and customs.

The two grew close. At school they would meet for lunch to talk and to hold hands. Thordis was in love for the first time. After about a month, they attended the school’s Christmas Ball together. She was thrilled.

At the Ball she drank rum for the first time, got drunk, and grew terribly ill. The security guards offered to get her an ambulance. She refused after Tom volunteered to take her back home.

Tom carried her to her room. He placed her on her bed, took off her clothes, and raped her.

06df78e5b544119aee1ff5932368eb03--shattered-glass-broken-glassThe next day, she was in severe physical pain. Her soul was in torment. She felt shame and betrayal. She…

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