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Dreamers and Captives

September 15, 2017

Another powerful reflection, Jake!

Jake Owensby

Jesus was born in captivity.

How odd that must sound. At the mention of Jesus’ birth many of us think of mangers and shepherds and angels and the little town of Bethlehem.

1928317-hands-tied-up-with-ropeSure, Mary went into labor on the road far from home. Baby Jesus came into the world in a stranger’s outbuilding. Still, mother and child weren’t in an “Orange is the New Black” kind of lockup.

Nevertheless, Jesus was born in captivity. Just like all the other Israelites of his day. In their own homes, at their places of work, in their schools and synagogues, in the Temple itself, the people of Israel were captives.

The Romans occupied Israel. They needed no bars to hold the Israelites. The Romans controlled their bodies with the constant threat of violence, imprisonment, and death. The ruling powers controlled ordinary life, from rising to sleeping, with terror.

Jesus was born into captivity…

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