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Leaving Something Behind

July 26, 2017

Well said and on-target, Jake!

Jake Owensby

“I’m trying to leave something behind.”

This hook from Sean Rowe’s song “To Leave Something Behind” has lodged itself in my heart and in my theological imagination lately. These words crystallize a yearning that shapes my life, at least on my best days.

Wanting to leave something behind contrasts sharply with wanting to make a name for myself. I’m not interested in slapping my name on buildings or hats or t-shirts. Creating a stir with my tweets and making headlines do not inspire me.

Chasing greatness strikes me as a fool’s game. Don’t believe me? Read the story of the Tower of Babel. A telling biblical hook captures the ill-fated builders’ motivation: “Let us make a name for ourselves.” (Genesis 11:4b) Their pursuit of greatness collapsed into anarchy, estrangement, and conflict. And so do all such pursuits.

Leaving something behind isn’t about me. On the contrary, it’s about devoting myself…

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