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Memorial Day 2017

May 29, 2017

As the mournful sound of Taps echoes in the mountains

My thoughts turn to far off places

Afghanistan in 2005

Three Green Berets being saluted as their transfer cases pass

In Afghanistan less than four hours and we form up

The last journey home begins for these brave warriors

War is hell and the death is real

England in 2007

On a military transport at RAF Mildenhall

A short prayer service for three agents killed in Iraq

Their transfer cases on the way home

Our AF Office of Special Investigations

The agents knew the fallen well

They had trained and deployed and served together

Grenada in 2000

Leading a prayer service at the Island memorial

Marines, AF Combat Engineers, Navy Medics

We stand together on Memorial Day and remember

Countless gravesides across this land 1990-2011

Words offered

Tears shed

Hearts breaking

Prayers lifted

And each Memorial Day I remember 
Today — Longing for the day

When swords are beaten into plowshares

When spears are beaten into pruning hooks

When nation shall not lift up sword against nation

When we will study war no more

Yet in the meantime we remember

In the meantime we pray

Out of the depths of our hearts we cry

Dona Nobis Pacem et in Terra

Grant Us Peace on Earth 

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