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A Deep Sense of Peace – A Reflection

October 24, 2022
a woodpecker we spent some time with at Weeks Bay Pitcher Plant Bog near Magnolia Springs, AL

Denise and I went for a walk with our cameras on Saturday. It had been quite some time since we had done something like that. It was a true joy to slow down and enjoy the beauty of the Weeks Bay Pitcher Plant Bog. The name (bog) doesn’t do justice to the beauty of that place. Below is a picture of one of the pitcher plants we saw growing there.

The quote from the book A Year with Thomas Merton: Daily Meditations from His Journals spoke to my heart this evening as I remembered our delightful ramble on Saturday.

I got up to the hermitage about nightfall. Wonderful silence, saying Compline gently and slowly with a candle burning before the icon of our Lady. A deep sense of peace and truth, that this was the way things are supposed to be, that I was in my right mind for a change (around the community I am seldom in my right mind). — October 13, 1964 (Dancing in the Waters of Life: The Journals of Thomas Merton, vol 5, 1963-1965)

As we wandered about with our cameras, we both realized that such experiences are life-giving for us. Like Merton said, a deep sense of peace and truth… the way things are supposed to be. We need more of that in our own hectic and busy lives and I believe that it is essential to staying engaged in a meaning-filled way with the church and ministry here in South Alabama.

  1. Al Jones permalink

    Lovely! There is a small animal sitting atop another pitcher plant, in the photo. Did you notice it?
    Have loved keeping up with all your adventures and your blog. We’re in NC near our children. Al/Mim

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