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At Peace in Solitude – Thomas Merton

August 16, 2022
The sound of the waves on the beaches of the Gulf coast are so soothing

Tonight we are sitting on the “balcony” at the hotel where we are staying in Austin, Minnesota. We are reading and sharing our thoughts about the readings for the Interim/Transitional ministry class we will be attending in just over a week. We also spent some time this afternoon with my dad at my mom’s grave which is in such a beautiful spot in the cemetery. Merton’s words from his August 25, 1965 journal entry spoke to my heart.

The five days I have had in real solitude have been a revelation, and whatever questions I may have had about it have been answered. Over and over again I see that this life is what I have always hoped it would be and always sought. A life of peace, silence, purpose, meaning. It is not always easy, but calls for a blessed and salutary effort—and a little goes a long way. Everything about it is rewarding. A Year with Thomas Merton: Daily Meditations from His Journals (August 16)

A life of peace, silence, purpose, meaning… from our lips to God’s ear my brother 💜

  1. Wishing you blessings and grace in the time you have with your dad. Enjoy your class. I hope it is full of insight and helpful guidance for you.

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