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Love… a Brief Reflection

July 1, 2022
Crete and Kramer, along with our Angel with broken wings watch over our front porch. If you look closely in the door window, Stella is snoozing!

As Denise and I sat out on our front porch at the townhouse, it was a beautiful evening. Watching the lightning to the North and listening to the frogs croaking after a lovely morning rain was truly a blessing. As we settle in to our new home and ministry, the sense of calm and peace is so apparent. Continually entertained by Stella’s hijinks we find ourselves laughing a lot. In such a setting as this, it is easy to understand and appreciate Thomas Merton’s thoughts about Love being his identity, character, and name.

Be blessed this night, dear reader, and know that you are indeed loved and appreciated… more than you may know 💖

Tonight’s view from our porch.
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