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Time: A Reflection

May 11, 2022
A view from The Wharf which is a short walk from our townhouse in Orange Beach, Alabama

To say that these past few months have been “interesting” would be a significant understatement! Yet as we enter mid-May the stars appear to be aligning. In this month of May, Our Lady is smiling upon us.💖🌹

This weekend we will be able to finally say farewell and Godspeed to Denise’s dear dad Roland as we bury his ashes next to her beloved mother Jean on Saturday in Florence, Alabama. His original inurnment in December (right after Christmas) was delayed thanks to the officiant (and his sweet spouse) being hit hard by the Omicron variant of COVID.

In the meantime, we are in the midst of moving to Orange Beach and preparing to sell our house in Carrollton. Uff Dah as our Lady of Dah Northland would say! 🌹 ❄️ In the midst of the chaos there are moments of calm. We spent a lovely week with dear friends (long-time and new) on a Contemplative Retreat at Columbia Presbyterian Theological Seminary. We have also had some lovely dinners locally in Carrollton and in Orange Beach whilst meeting new friends and neighbors.

Of course, in the midst of it all, HRH Queen Stella has continued to love and entertain us with her antics 😻

It takes a lot of energy to be cute and adorable 24/7 ❣️🐾

So, this evening we are relaxing. We are also preparing for a busy ‘morrow. In the midst of it all, my prayer is that the lessons from our contemplative retreat and this lesson from Thomas Merton might continue to guide us through it all.

Hence monastic prayer, especially meditation and contemplative prayer, is not so much a way to find God as a way of resting in him whom we have found, who loves us, who is near to us, who comes to us to draw us to himself. — Thomas Merton (Contemplative Prayer)

Dear reader, may each one of you find that peace in the midst of the quiet which invites us to step away from the chaos into the light of God’s grace, mercy, and peace!

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  1. Blessings to all three of you

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