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Sojourners Verse and Voice – 13 April 2022

April 13, 2022

Verse of the day
O Lord, be gracious to us; we wait for you. Be our arm every morning, our salvation in the time of trouble.

– Isaiah 33:2

Voice of the day
Prophetic imagination is grounded in the conviction that God is doing something lively in the world.

– Walter Brueggemann, “Jesus Acted Out the Alternative to Empire

Prayer of the day
Every morning, remind us that our pursuits for justice are part of the lively things your are doing in the world.

  1. M. Jean Formo permalink

    Hey Michael,
    Tracked you down finally! Jean and Flip Formo here in Savage, MN. We phoned your dad today, and he was pleased to hear from us. He had phoned us in November. We had a nice conversation then and we promised to talk to him in the future. Today we called. He sounded great. We remembered funny things from the past and had a good time talking together. Hoping all is well with you and your family! Hugs, Jean and Flip

    • It’s so good to hear from you!! I am currently in between calls and we are living in Carrollton, Georgia. We had to leave our five-year dream location in Estes Park, CO in August of 2020 thanks to my uncontrollable sleep apnea. The call at the church here in Georgia was pretty toxic and I was completely burned out and exhausted. I resigned on February 6th and we have been busy with lots of other activities (long story). I have accepted the call to be the Interim Minister at Swift Presbyterian Church in Foley, Alabama beginning on June 1st.

      Here is my email address and phone number:

      (970) 699-8014

      Hugs back atcha! Michael and Denise

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