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Light and Grace: A Brief Reflection

February 12, 2022
Yes, there is a red carnations tucked in there!

Red as a carnation. This flower, this light, this moment, this silence = Dominus est, eternity! Best because the flower is itself and the light is itself and the silence is itself and I am myself—all, perhaps, an illusion, but no matter, for illusion is nevertheless the shadow of reality and reality is the grace that underlies these lights, these colors, and this silence. February 4, 1958 (A Search for Solitude: Pursuing the Monk’s True Life, The Journals of Thomas Merton, Volume 3: 1952-1960)

Thank you, dear Brother for this reflection on the flowers that were on the altar in 1958. To slow down and simply enjoy such a moment as this… to enjoy the simple beauty and wonder of God’s creative presence… that is part of our hope for Sabbath rest ♥️♥️

  1. pynkoski2 permalink

    If I remember correctly there is also a poem about a flower on the altar…will try to look it up when we return from Curve Lake. Blessings!

  2. If only slowing down was not so difficult! I spasmodically work at it but then old habits take over.

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