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Grief Catches Us Unaware – Shirley Hobson Duncanson

November 4, 2021

A powerful reflection from my seminary classmate, colleague in ministry, and friend Shirley ❤️

Grief catches us unaware. A sudden and completely unexpected loss in my extended family left us all reeling. Grief’s expression comes in waves of sadness, the inability to sing a song, misplaced resentment. There is an emotional roller coaster which spins me on a ride I never intended to get on….

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  1. pynkoski2 permalink

    This is most timely, Michael. Another friend from our Common Table drop in passed away September, but we only discovered and confirmed his death recently. It brought back memories of others – at least seven in the past four years. The sorrow, and the anger at a society that prefers to look away, builds…

    • I am so sorry… the Alanon group that meets in the church had a memorial service for one of their members who died… he wasn’t discovered until a few days later… they were heartbroken and yes, society looks the other way…

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