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Grateful for Life – A Reflection

October 25, 2021
Tonight’s Moon

Brilliant, windy day—cold. It is fall. It is the kind of day in October that Pop used to talk about. I thought about my grandfather as I came up through the hollow, with the sun on the bare persimmon trees, and a song in my mouth. All songs are, as it were, one’s last. I have been grateful for life. Turning Toward the World: The Pivotal Years, volume IV of the Journals of Thomas Merton, October 23, 1962

As the seasons turn and the winter of rest and laying fallow begins for Mother Earth, these words of Thomas Merton spoke to my heart. Especially the gift of a song in my mouth and gratitude for life. This season of life continues to have challenges yet at the same time I am grateful for the life that I have with my sweetheart Denise. ❤️❤️

HRH on the back deck at lunchtime

And yes, Pixie we are both grateful for the life we have with you ❣️❤️🐾

  1. pynkoski2 permalink

    Is there anything like music?

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