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Come Holy Spirit – A Reflection

October 3, 2021
A portion of our library bookcase. The Dancing Monk Icons are the focus and the blessing. Icons by my dear friend Marcy Hall (

Today was a return to worship after a long and challenging journey. That journey continues for Denise as she begins the slow process of sorting through her father’s things and processing much that needs to be done for the estate.

We had a wonderful Bluegrass Service at Carrollton Presbyterian Church today. It was a toe-tapping and inspirational morning. The Spirit was clearly with us as we gathered in person or via livestream for worship.

I find myself still processing so much of the past two months on this journey with family through The Valley of the Shadows. We also had a wonderful Zoom meeting with Denise’s godson and his fiancé. I am humbled and honored to be able to officiate at their wedding in two weeks.

This journey called life can be challenging… it can be difficult… it can be rewarding… it can be a blessing. Through each step of this journey there is always once constant. The Spirit surrounds us, undergirds us, and guides us as we follow Her pathway of love and grace. The words of Thomas Merton that follow speak to the importance of listening to Her gentle call.

The fresh air we need is the air of the Holy Spirit “breathing where He pleases,” which means that the windows must be open and we must expect Him to come from any direction. The error is to lock the windows and doors in order to keep the Holy Spirit within our house. The very action of locking doors and windows is fatal. October 27, 1957 (The Journals of Thomas Merton, vol 3: Dancing in the Waters of Life)

Come Holy Spirit, Come. Lead us along the pathway we have been called to follow. Sweet Spirit guide us with your love, grace, mercy, and peace.

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