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Sabbath and Rest

June 22, 2021
DeSoto Falls near Mentone, Georgia

Today started out with coffee in Adirondack chairs overlooking the valley from our perch on Lookout Mountain. After a delightful lunch at The Hatter Cafe (as in the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland) we headed to DeSoto Falls for a hike before the rain came in. I hadn’t done any serious hiking since we left Estes Park and my new work schedule has not been conducive to regular walks. To say that I felt the challenge of that would be a massive understatement. Thankfully I survived the hike.

This lesson was a hard one to learn. A hard, yet necessary, lesson indeed. This is the second week of our vacation and I can’t tell you how much Denise and I have needed this time away.

Tonight I did a little bit of reading from Thomas Merton’s book Contemplative Prayer and came across this reminder—Without contemplation and interior prayer the church cannot fulfil her mission to transform and save mankind. Without contemplation, she would be reduced to being a servant of cynical and worldly powers, no matter how hard her faithful may protest that they are fighting for the kingdom of God.

This message not only applies to the the church, it also applies to this Padre. This is a lesson that I plan on carrying with me. Sacred Sabbath Rest and time for contemplation is necessary to my own spiritual health and well-being as I continue to serve as God has called me to serve.

  1. Michael, I’ve particularly enjoyed and benefited from your posts while you’ve been on vacation and retreat.
    Thank you.
    May you and Denise have a blessed time during the remainder of your retreat.

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