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The Real Inner Life

June 20, 2021
81.4% Waxing Gibbous Moon over Lookout Mountain

Today we drove from Carrollton, Georgia to Lookout Mountain, Alabama. Thanks to the graciousness of a very dear friend of ours, we will be staying on the mountain this week. To say that it is amazing would be a massive understatement! Denise and I look forward to a week of reflection, rest, and retreat. Of course, Thomas Merton will be a part of this week’s retreat for me.

The way to find the real “world” is not merely to measure and observe what is outside us, but to discover our own inner ground. For that is where the world is, first of all: in my deepest self… (Contemplation in a World of Action, p. 170)

As for Pixie? She has found her own inner ground on two pillows at the end of the couch!!

Tonight’s sunset from the cabin deck!

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