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To Be Loved – A Reflection

May 12, 2021
Hiking somewhere in the Rocky Mountain National Park

In September it will have been twelve years since I met at Alabama Presbyterian Cursillo. To have been given this chance for happiness by God is an amazing blessing. I often am simply in awe and so thankful for the mysterious way that God works in our lives.

To have a love that is solidly based on our love for God and for each other is overwhelming at times. It is because this love is founded on something or someone bigger than us that it works. How can we love others unless we are loved by God and love God.

Thomas Merton said the following in his book, No Man Is an Island: All desires but one can fail. The only desire that is infallibly fulfilled is the desire to be loved by God. (p. 17)

I would add to that the following: it is through that desire to be loved by God that we are able to love one another. For Denise and for me, the fact that we found each other when we did is because God loves us. Thank you God, for such a precious gift!

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  1. This is such a great photo of you & Denise!

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