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Everything That Is, Is Holy – Thomas Merton

April 8, 2021
Flowers for my Mom’s grave… tomorrow would have been her 88th birthday

This has been a good visit with my Dad and with friends we haven’t seen in over a year. There has been much to contemplate, including the doctoral program at my Alma mater that has been a disappointment for me. At the conclusion of this current class, I will be withdrawing from the program. There is so much to be explored via other avenues that will be life-giving. I look forward to those opportunities to learn and to grow!

So at this time, the Spirit seems to be speaking to my heart and guiding my steps. As I spent time with Merton tonight, he spoke to me of hope, guidance, and the presence of God in the midst of the wondering.

These words from New Seeds of Contemplation spoke volumes to me at this point in the journey. Detachment from things does not mean setting up a contradiction between “things and “God” as if God were another “thing” and as if His creatures were his rivals. We do not detach ourselves from things in order to attach ourselves to God, but rather we become detached from ourselves in order to see and use all things in and for God. (p. 21)

As we walk with family and friends through difficult times… as we seek to discern where God is calling us… as we seek to listen to the call of the Spirit and follow Her leading… we seek to authentically be whom God has created us to be.

As this journey continues to unfold, my prayer for family and dear friends is the concluding sentence in Merton’s most famous prayer: I will not fear, for you are ever with me,
and you will never leave me to face my perils alone.
(from Thoughts in Solitude)

God is indeed with us and the Spirit is indeed guiding us through the Valley of the Shadows. We are not alone.

  1. I’m enjoying and appreciating your Merton quotes. May God continue to speak to you in the midst of your “wonderings” through Merton and other wise guides.

  2. Hi Michael, I thought I’d pay a visit since I’ve regularly seen you at Jake’s blog and you probably recognise me from there. I was surprised to see the studies haven’t worked out but from what you’ve said you’re open to new avenues of learning and experience so I’m confident new opportunities will open up for you! Those daffodils are beautiful and it makes me smile just looking at them – you’ve captured the golden yellow really well in your photo! Best wishes –Liz

  3. After reading today’s post, I looked back here to read more of your recent decisions. Thinking of you as you discern the next steps.

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