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Pace e Bene – 14 February 2021

February 14, 2021
Picture and quote courtesy of Pace e Bene

“Life is amazingly strong. . . . We can see it ourselves. A barren desert turns into a flowered carpet even when rain falls briefly only every few years. A new freeway is built, and within a year there are plants pushing up through the thick asphalt along the edges. Life seems to have its own vow, to persist—and, more than persist, to create new life.”—Jan Chozen Bays

  1. Beautiful quote. I have definitely learned about the persistence of life from out cats and the trees in our community. We’ve had two cats with a serious chronic illness. There would be days we were sure they were near the end only to have them rally and have some really good days. I’ve also seen new growth come up out of old dead stumps. The cats and trees both inspire me to keep going.

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