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Statement by the International Thomas Merton Society on The Struggle for Racial Justice

February 4, 2021
A photo of Thomas Merton’s grave at Our Lady of Gethsemani taken on our pilgrimage there in October, 2019

Many Christians who have confused “Americanism” with “Christianity,” are in fact contributing to the painful contradictions and even injustices of the racial crisis. . . We are living in a society which misuses Christian clichés to justify its lawlessness and immorality.

~ Thomas Merton, “Religion and Race in the United States” (1964)

A litany of tragic events related to race-relations in the United States and the emergence of the global COVID-19 crisis have exposed in unprecedented ways the scourge of racism and white supremacy in US society and, indeed, around the world. Under the dark light of these signs of the times, the International Thomas Merton Society wishes to clarify what we stand for. In our work, mission, and, above all, in our fellowship as companions and students of Thomas Merton, we strive to represent a Trappist monk who lived a life of solitude alongside utter clarity of human value. In a time of great unrest, Merton spoke peace into war, love into hate, and unity into divisiveness… read more on

A special thank you to the ITMS and to Paul Pyncosky for sharing this statement.

  1. pynkoski2 permalink

    Thanks, Michael, for sharing this.

  2. I am happy to share it. Thank YOU for sharing this on the Group page. Blessings on your day, my friend!

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