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Photography as a Contemplative Art – Christine Valters Paintner

January 26, 2021

“Photography as a spiritual practice combines the active art of image-receiving with the contemplative nature and open-heartedness of prayer. It cultivates what I call sacred seeing or seeing with the ‘eyes of the heart’ (Ephesians 1:18). This kind of seeing is our ability to receive the world around us at a deeper lever than surface realities.”— Christine Valters Paintner, PhD Eyes of the Heart: Photography as a Christian Contemplative Practice

How does you contemplative nature find expression through artistic expression?

I am so thankful for Abbess Christine and her guidance. She has helped me to see photography in terms of receiving what is shimmering instead of “shooting“ or “capturing” photos. On our contemplative walk tonight our friend the squirrel invited us to spend time simply enjoying the wonder of God’s creation. Thank you, Christine ❤️☘️

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