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Thomas Merton’s Obituary from 1969 | America Magazine

December 10, 2020

On the 52nd anniversary of his transitus, we remember him…

I for one am thankful for the legacy he left through his writings. He has become a mentor, spiritual guide, and friend to me as I walk this journey of faith and life as a peacemaker.

Trappist Father Thomas Merton passed away on Dec. 10, 1968.
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  1. I’m taken with his spelling of elephant, eleflamp. That is great!
    If I were to begin reading any of his books, which would you suggest I start with?

    • New Seeds of Contemplation, The Sign of Jonas, and Thoughts in Solitude. His autobiography, The Seven Storey Mountain was not his favorite. Years later he said that the young author was too arrogant.

      • Too arrogant, huh? How funny that he said that of himself. Thanks for the list; I might start with the autobiography anyway, since I’m interested in his story and travels more so than the spirituality he wrote of. I find I still have a bit of an allergic reaction to much of that these days.

      • Yes, Merton was his own harshest critic! You may also want to check out his Asian Journal and Alaskan Journal. They are both about his travels and include pictures he took on those trips. He was also an amateur photographer.

      • Oh? Great! I’ll add those to my list. 😀

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