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Fasting for Justice – Global Sister’s Report

December 3, 2020
This mural of Oscar Romero is on Clarion Alley in San Francisco. We walked this route towards the end of February, 2020. Little did we know what lay ahead for our nation and world.

This powerful reflection from Janet M. Peterworth on the 40th anniversary of martyrdom took me back to my seminary days when Liberation Theology and Central America were a central focus of our classes and discussions.

My thoughts today come from Isaiah (58:1-9a) on the kind of fast that our God wants.

I was musing about this in the context of my trip to El Salvador in 2015. The background of that trip started many years ago. A brutal civil war was raging in that country. The military was propping up the government and the two together were truly oppressing the indigenous people and the poor by confiscating their land for big multinational corporations — land that had been theirs for many years. The government was using the scorched-earth policy. That meant the military went from village to village burning everything so that the people would have nothing to come back to. And with monetary help and training from our United States government, they murdered over 71,000 people in that civil war... read more at

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