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Thoughts From a Weary Soul

October 24, 2020

A blog from my beloved… our hearts are heavy…


Nine weeks ago we turned over the keys to the newowners of our beautiful mountain condo. Two weeks prior to that, we watched as the movers loaded the last bit of goods into the back of the truck, for umteenth time said our last tearful goodbyes to dear friends, and headed down the canyon. As I drove out of Estes Park I imagined friends visiting us in Georgia and returning to Estes for visits with our peeps and hikes in our beloved Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP).

Never in my imagination did I consider that my heart would be so heavy today. As dear ones sit in hotel rooms, rentals. and the homes of friends and family across thefront range the wildfire looms, high winds roar, and many folks pray for the unique mountain community where the elk roam through the streets.

There is hope. Many, many brave…

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  1. I thought of you, and the people of Estes Park, when I saw a video clip yesterday from Estes Park. My prayers are with them and others still facing wildfires at this time of the year.

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