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The Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi – A Reflection

October 4, 2020
Picture from our retreat at the Mother House of the Order of the Sisters of Saint Francis of Assisi in Philadelphia.

Today is the feast day of one of the most beloved Saints, Francis of Assisi. In the Franciscan tradition, on October 3rd they hold a special service/vigil to commemorate the Transitus of St Francis, the day of his transitus or crossing from this world to the next.

Denise and I were on a retreat at the Mother House at the invitation of a dear friend of mine, the Rev, Dr Donald Steele (Don’s obituary) who had been a seminary intern at my home church years. We reconnects years later thanks to an article written about him in a Presbyterian magazine. The Mercy of God Community gathers twice a year there for retreats. Don has been a member of the community for years. It was such a beautiful gathering full of laughter, tears, encouragement, love, and healing for all who gathered. Sadly, this was the last time we got to see Don before his own transitus on October 2nd, 2016.

Saint Francis of Assisi has always been one of my favorite saints. My understanding of him has deepened through the years, in part through study and in part through my own spiritual growth. As I continue my path towards a Doctor of Ministry in Public Theology with a concentration on Peacemaking and Social Justice, I feel the warm love, affection, and support of my dear friend and brother Don. The transformation in the of Francis speaks to my own transformation.

Thinking of my brother and this journey of faith and life on Francis’s feast day.

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