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Hope in God’s Love – A Reflection

September 27, 2020
Atlanta Botanical Gardens

As I continue to journey through my Narrative Leadership course I am being challenged to re-examine the narrative of my life. There is the narrative which I have been told. There is the narrative which I have believed. There is the narrative yet to be explored.

At 60 I am re-visiting my story and being open to Spirit’s guidance. Just because it is a narrative I have believed or that has been forced upon me, doesn’t mean that it is the story of my life. In 2020, we have gone back to the table in terms of what Church looks like. In 2020 we moved across the country to a new call. In the midst of the chaos, Spirit continues to speak, inspire, and guide us.

In my very limited spare time, I am sometimes able to revisit Thomas Merton through his book No Man Is an Island. Thanks to Spirit, he spoke to me tonight. He speaks of love and hope; a message for our times.

Better than hoping for anything from the Lord, besides His love, let us place all our hope in His love itself. — p. 17

In the midst of the pandemic and a nasty divisiveness in our nation and world, may we look to something beyond ourselves. In God’s love we find sustenance and strength for the journey. In the command to love God and neighbor we must find our mission. As a Christ-follower I can do no more and certainly cannot do less.

  1. Thanks for the reflection. It is really difficult to stay out of the fray of politics, when we are so invested in what happens in the next couple of months. Trying to ferment goodness and love of each other, instead of animosity, is an underestimated power.

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