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Embrace Your Point of View

August 22, 2020

A wonderful reflection on Monet & perspectives. Thank you to my dear brother Keith Fox for sharing this ❤️❤️


Claude Monet upended public opinion of what good art was well over a century ago. Monet had a different vision of the world. The world wasn’t just a real place to be captured by the artist’s brush. Monet’s courageous point of view saw the world as sacred, dynamic, connected, and full of light. To this day, Monet’s paintings move us because they capture much more than what the world is, they capture what the world means, and all of the beautiful possibility in it. We know Monet today as a great artist. But, his life was marked by incredible struggle. He faced periods of constant poverty, the crushing loss of his beloved wife, and at one point he attempted suicide. Later in his career, his eyesight began to fail. Yet, it was all of those painful experiences, and even his failing vision that shaped his point of view and enabled…

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