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Love – A Reflection

June 29, 2020

As I read Merton tonight and look back over the years of my life many thoughts go through my mind and my heart. These are indeed “interesting” times for Denise, for me, for our community, and for this nation and world. Sadly I too often see hatred, fear, greed, divisiveness, and ignorance taking over.

My Dad was talking about this last week. He lives in an Assisted Living facility in my hometown. Unfortunately he watches way too much television news and it gets him incredibly upset. Denise and I can totally relate to that. That is part of the reason that we limit our intake of news, no matter the channel or perspective. Too much can be toxic in so many ways. Whether he realized it or not, Dad quoted the Beatles when he was talking with someone at the front office. He said, all we need is love. That is the truth! Merton had the following to say about love:

To love you have to climb out of the cradle, where everything is “getting,” and grow up to the maturity of giving, without concern for getting anything special in return. Love is not a deal, it is a sacrifice. It is not marketing, it is a form of worship. (Love and Living, p. 34)

Perhaps our lives and our love can be an act of worship. Love, plain and simple, Love is what we need.

  1. Amen, Michael! ❤

  2. Reblogged this on Anniegoose's Blog and commented:
    Love love love love love …..

    Love is love is love is love …..

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