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Love – A Reflection

June 28, 2020
One of our neighbors at the church

Peace and Love… that was a portion of my message tonight at our Sunday Evening Worship service. Peace and Love… isn’t that what is missing from so much of the dialogue in this country and world? For the past several years at Presbyterian Community Church of the Rockies we have offered midweek worship in our outdoor chapel during the Season of Peace in September.

The PCCR Outdoor Chapel overlooking Fish Creek

As we contemplate our transition from Estes Park, CO and Presbyterian Community Church of the Rockies to Carrollton Presbyterian Church in Carrollton, GA; we are considering the importance of both the season of peace and love. In these divisive times we Christ-followers are called to be, in the words of St Francis of Assisi, Instruments of God’s peace.

My prayer for our communities, our nation, and our world is that Love can transform not only our lives but this nation and world. Thomas Merton had these words to share from his book, Love and Living:

Love affects more than our thinking and our behavior toward those we love. It transforms our entire life. Genuine love is a personal revolution. Love takes your ideas, your desires, and your actions and welds them together in one experience and one living reality which is a new you. (p. 27)

May it be so!

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