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A Rhythm of Prayer and Life – A Reflection

June 23, 2020

One of the things that I have learned throughout this season of the pandemic is how important habits are. In the beginning, Denise and I were working at least 90 hours seven days a week. Work was our structure. One of the gifts we were given came in the form of our Zoom Midday Prayer offerings Monday through Thursday. Prior to the Pandemic we would begin our day with Morning Prayer before I headed to the church.

As this journey has continued I have come to realize the necessity of a sacred rhythm in prayer and work. One of the central principles of the Benedictine rule for life is Ora et Labora (Prayer and Work). Thomas Merton talked about this balance in his book The Sign of Jonas. These journals cover six years of his early monastic journey. As Denise and I begin the process of moving from our current call in Estes Park, Colorado to Carrollton, Georgia this rhythm of life is going to be essential for both of us. Merton’s words speak to the importance of such a rhythm.

This is the real purpose of the monastic life: a more or less habitual state of simple prayer and union with God which varies in intensity at different times of the day, which find a particular and proper rhythm in the life of each individual, and which brings the soul of the monk at all times under the direct and intimate influence of God’s action. (The Sign of Jonas, p.4)

My prayer is that this rhythm can guide us through the coming weeks and months.

  1. Michael, I noted that you and your wife are moving to a new community and church. My prayers and best wishes are with you both.

    P.S. Your daily blog posts have become part of my spiritual life. Will they continue?

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