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Peace – A Reflection

June 18, 2020

As I reflect on the day which is now nearly over, my mind and my heart are full. In addition to spending time planning for worship in the weeks ahead; I attended a seminars on-line. Presbyterian Peace Fellowship (PPF) is offering an opportunity for Peace Camp through Zoom and Facebook live. Today’s teach-in was centered on the topic “Pentecost, Pandemic, and Possibility.”

This weekend was supposed to be the opening weekend of the Presbyterian Church (USA)’s 224th General Assembly in Baltimore. The Assembly has gone virtual through Zoom and there will be a lot missing. Besides the fellowship and meeting up with friends we won’t have the same in-person opportunities for discussion, worship, and study. However, the General Assembly and PPF are offering virtual gatherings for worship, study, and discussion.

The teach-in this morning gave me a lot to think about as I consider all of the turmoil in our nation and world. While I continue my course work for seminary, I am also thinking a lot about the urgency for the work of peacemaking and social justice which will be the centerpiece of the thesis proposal. I also continue to read and reflect on the life and writings of Thomas Merton. In Volume 4 Turning Toward the World: The Pivotal Years (1960-1963) he wrote about the beginnings of his transition from a contemplative monk to an activist. This prayer from his journal spoke to my heart.

Father, I beg You to teach me to be a man of peace and to help bring peace to the world, to study here truth and non-violence, and to have the patience and courage to suffer for truth. (p. 121)

Teach us to be men and women of peace, Lord. Dear reader, may we have teachable hearts as we seek to follow the Prince of Peace.

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