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What Do You Live For – A Reflection

June 16, 2020

I came across this quote from Thomas Merton in a book that often brings me inspiration. Dialogues with Silence, edited by Jonathan Montaldo is a lovely combination of Merton’s drawings and selected prose and poetry. It truly stirs my soul.

The quote is from his book The Sign of Jonas: Let me rest in Your will and be silent. Then the light of Your joy will warm my life. Its fire will burn in my heart and shine for Your glory. This is what I live for. Amen, amen. (p.76)

So I leave Merton’s thoughts with you this evening, dear reader. What warms your life? What fire burns within your heart? Merton offers us comfort and challenge as we seek to serve.

  1. hlcgkids permalink

    Doing for others warms your heart–this is God’s gift.

  2. Reblogged this on Anniegoose's Blog and commented:
    What warms YOUR Life? 🙂

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