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Nature and Worship – A Reflection

May 26, 2020

Today we were able to head to Hermit Park Open Space for a hike that took us into the Roosevelt National Forest. It was a beautiful late afternoon and evening for that hike. Today was a day of worship, meetings, and reading for my seminary class. It was so good to get out and breathe deeply in the beautiful wilderness area.

Each time we have hiked in Hermit Park we have truly encountered the wonder of God’s creation and felt the Spirit move as the wind blows through the aspens and pines. From the birds chanting their Vesper prayers to the sweet moose spending time with us, we have been in worship with our neighbors.

As we have hiked and enjoyed what the Rockies have to offer us, I have often thought about Thomas Merton and the blessings he experienced in his Hermitage, surrounded by nature. These encounters with God in nature were so important to him and provided him with so many insights which he shared through his journals, writings, and talks which he gave to the new novices coming into the Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani.

On the Feast of St. Benedict (March 21st, 1950) he wrote the following about the blessing of being in the midst of the wonder of God’s creation. But now I am under the sky. The birds are all silent now except for some quiet bluebirds. But the frogs have begun singing their pleasure in all the waters and in the warm, green places where the sunshine is wonderful. Praise Christ, all you living creatures. For Him you and I were created. With every breath we love Him. My psalms fulfill your dim, unconscious song, O brothers in these woods. (Entering the Silence, p. 423)

May we all experience the wonder and awe in God’s creation. May we also worship the Lord in such beauty and holiness.

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