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To Meet God – A Reflection

May 16, 2020

Meeting God in the ordinary things of life. When you slow down enough to breathe in and breathe out… when you pause to be still in the midst of it all… when you listen for the gentle whisper of God’s call to you… it is then that we can meet God.

When Elijah hid in the cave for fear of Jezebel and her minions, he felt terribly alone. He was mad at his situation and he was mad at God. He was called out of the cave where he had been hiding. As the story goes, Elijah didn’t find God in the mighty wind, the earthquake, or the fire. God wasn’t in the catastrophic events… God spoke in the sheer silence! (1 Kings 19:11-12)

How often in my own life has God chosen to speak in the sheer silence? God had called me in the sheer silence many times, including in my initial call to ministry and in my subsequent re-call into parish ministry after my years in the Air Force Chaplain Corps.

As I spend time with Thomas Merton I truly have come to appreciate how God spoke to him in the silence and then compelled him to speak with the voice of a prophet to a world in darkness. In his book The Sign of Jonas, Merton reflects on the fire watch which the monks take turn doing. They shared the job of “night watchman” keeping watch over the monastery, charged with spotting any signs of fire in the monastery. In that silence, he encountered God.

He says on page 356: Now is the time to get up and go to the tower. Now is the time to meet You, God, where the night is wonderful… Now is the time to meet You, God. In these uncertain times and isolation due to COVID-19 there is more silence than many of us are used to.

My prayer is that in this time we can indeed go to the watchtower where we can meet God in the silence of the night or day. Perhaps in that time, God will lead us through the Valley of the Shadows into a new day.

  1. hlcgkids permalink

    I like that God is always with me, I only have to be silent and listen.

  2. Reblogged this on Anniegoose's Blog and commented:

  3. With Covid – we all have our personal Dark Nights of the Soul.


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