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Peace in Each New Day – A Reflection

May 14, 2020

At times these days in Shelter-at-Home or Safer-at-Home it is easy to feel like you are on the set of the film “Groundhog’s Day” where you watch Bill Murray’s character begin over and over and over again. When we used to run exercises in the AF to prepare us to Shelter-in-Place, it was typically for a chemical spill or biological warfare attack. The thing is, this wouldn’t last for long because the weather patterns would help to disperse the chemical agents. This time, we don’t have the comfort of the usual answers we had in the military. Wind isn’t always your friend and the virus can easily seep into your environment.

I have been thinking a lot about this lately. I have also been remembering all of the hours we spent in our NBC (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) protective gear which included clothing, gloves, and protective masks with filters. I thought those were bizarre times back then which including being able to sleep in a gas mask which was a challenge for this Padre who was claustrophobic! Eventually I learned how to sleep in the mask which was a major accomplishment for me.

Now we find ourselves in weird times as a community, state, nation, and world; we are struggling to be safe and cautious without being reckless. Lord these are weird times and I seek every day how to live in a way that honors God’s call to love and serve God’s children.

Part of our daily ritual (weather permitting) is to get out and take our masked walks in the midst of God’s creation. If we slow down enough on those walks, God shows us amazing things. Thomas Merton in his book Dancing in the Water of Life says the following about the dawn of each new day: One lovely dawn after another. Such peace! Meditation with fireflies, mist in the valley, last quarter of the moon, distant owls—gradual inner awakening and centering in peace and harmony of love and gratitude. (p. 250)

Dear reader, my prayer for all of us is that we can find that peace each and every day. If we stop and listen… if we stop and truly see what is shimmering… if we truly wait for the Lord’s revelation… then we will be able to walk through each day with hope, love, and light.

  1. Thank you for your prayer, Michael. It’s a blessing we all need right now. May you also be able to see the hope, love and light at the edges of everything, shimmering with its invitation to pause and notice the holy in our midst. Bless you, Brother! x ❤

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