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Truly God is Here – A Reflection

May 13, 2020
Cactus flower on Knoll Willow Open Space

One of the beautiful songs that we sing at Cursillo is “Surely the Presence Of The Lord Is In This Place.” Every time we sing this song it brings tears to my eyes. The first time I sang this song was at Episcopal Camp Beckwith near Fairhope, Alabama. That was also the first time that I met Denise. Beckwith has always been a special place for us and that is why we decided to get married in the beautiful chapel overlooking Weeks Bay where we first shared Communion together and prayed together.

As I think about all of the places I have lived and deployed to I also think about the presence of the Lord being there. Even on wartime deployments the Lord has always been present. Present at a Christmas Eve service in Southwest Asia. Present at Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday worship in Uzbekistan. Present in the many bases where I served (in the US and abroad).

As Denise and I take our almost daily walks (with masks on, of course!) we are reminded that the Lord is present with us in these difficult times. The cactus flower blooming revealed to me the beauty of the Spirit’s in the midst of the wilderness.

Thomas Merton wrote about this in his book New Seeds of Contemplation. Our souls rise up from our earth like Jacob waking from his dream and exclaiming: “Truly God is in this place and I knew it not!” God becomes the only reality, in Whom all other reality takes it’s proper place—and falls into insignificance. (p. 226)

During these challenging times may we all see that truly the presence of the Lord is with us. Holding each one of you dear readers in my heart and in my prayers.

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