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A Spiritual Diary on a Table – A Reflection

May 7, 2020

This is in my office… sort of a diary of travel, faith, and life… the Army Chaplain is Chaplain (Father) William Corby from the Union Army’s Irish Brigade. He gave General Absolution to the Irish Brigade on the second day of the Battle of Gettysburg (July 2nd, 1863). He wrote the following in his memoir: “That general absolution was intended for all – in quantum possum – not only for our brigade, but for all, North or South, who were susceptible of it and who were about to appear before their Judge.” He was praying for all of the soldiers that day, regardless of uniform.

The mini rug is from my last deployment in 2007/2008. The Churches are replicas of two English Churches. I led worship in a few churches and the Ely Cathedral while I was stationed in England (1994-1997 and 2005-2008). The red rosary is from my deployment to Afghanistan in 2005. The wooden rosary was a friend of mine’s English mother. He gave it to me just before he died. The colorful Islamic prayer beads are from Uzbekistan (I bounced around Afghanistan and Uzbekistan providing ministry) and the wooden prayer beads are from Turkey (a gift from a parishioner). The crucifix was my Dad’s Grandmother’s (she came from Scotland to the US). And of course Saint Francis which I bought in England. The miniature labyrinth was a recent purchase. This unusual altar represents my spiritual journey of discovery and friendship/family.

Life’s journey can reveal to us many things if we are open to the Spirit’s gentle whisper.

  1. How special and what a great idea!!

  2. Oh how wonderful to have such precious tangible things to stir memories of your journey of life and faith! Thanks for sharing them here, Michael. 😊❤️

  3. Vito DelGenio Crinicoli permalink

    Hello Michael. My name is Father Vito Crincoli and I am a catholic priest studying here in Rome and as a mini apostolate I will be helping at Aviano AFB for Christmas. I just finished reading the book on Father Corby and very inspiring. Thankyou for sharing these thoughts. The idea of having a spiritual diary the way you are doing it is very creative but also useful to remind us of where God puts us and that he does great things in us wherever we are sent. I will pray for you and your ministry. God bless you and a blessed Christmas.

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