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The Quarantine Quatrains: The Complete Poem

May 2, 2020

Such a beautiful call to pause and reflect… to hope and pray… to see the potential revealed for a more harmonious relationship with Creation. Thank you for this gift Malcolm!

Malcolm Guite

The garden hut mentioned in the poem, and where it was written

I have recently posted one or two sections of a longer poem called The Quarantine Quatrains, written in a kind of  loose conversation with Fitzgerald’s translation of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, and employing his same quatrain stanza form. The poem began in the same laconic, wistful, urbane manner as Fitzgerald’s original, and continued its theme of savouring and cherishing each moment of our brief lives, but, in these extraordinary times, my poem moved naturally towards something more meditative, and ends in elegy and prayer for those who have lost their lives.

The word Quarantine, of course contains the word 40, because 40 days was the original period of quarantine. I fear our lockdown will last much longer than that, but by my reckoning, today is our 40th day: a good day to publish these 40…

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