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Slow Down – A Reflection

March 27, 2020
A Snowy Morning View from our Living Room

We finally were able to take a Sabbath day of rest today. As I watched the snow fall gently and cover the trees and rooftops of our neighborhood, I found a sense of beauty, wonder, awe, and peace. I continue to read reports from around the globe how people are actually breathing cleaner air and actually hearing the sounds of nature.

Why is this happening? Social Isolation drastically reduces the number of vehicles on the roads. This reduces the amount of pollutants being belched into the atmosphere. The reduction of traffic noise increases our ability to hear the sounds of nature. With the reduction in traffic on the road heading into the Rocky Mountain National Park, we can actually hear the birds singing and squabbling. Normally when we open the windows or go onto our back patio, we only hear the traffic beginning early in the morning and continuing into the evening.

While much is still scary as the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold; we are also beginning to see small pockets of beauty, grace, mercy, and love reveal themselves. We still have a long way to go before we can exit this tunnel, but as Jesus said, The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it. (John 1:5)

As I read Thomas Merton’s words from A Book of Hours, I was reminded of the necessity of slowing down and soaking up the beauty and wonder of God’s creation. One lovely dawn after another. Such peace! Meditation with fireflies, mist in the valley, last quarter of the moon, distant owls—gradual inner awakening and centering in Peacemaking and harmony of love and gratitude. (Dancing in the Waters of Life, p. 250)

As we continue to Shelter-in-Place, worship and meet virtually, and try to limit the bombardment of news and speculation all around us; we will continue to listen, open our hearts to the Spirit’s guidance, and pray.

My prayer is this, dear reader—may the Spirit speak, may She comfort and sustain, may She lead us through this wilderness into the dawn of a new day.

  1. My hope is that people will be changed within themselves so greatly that they refuse to return to what was once considered normal, and therefore, the world itself will start healing. 🙏🏼

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