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Contemplation – A Reflection

March 25, 2020
Sunset beginning in the Rocky Mountains.

To say that this day has been intense would be an understatement. As we prepared for Midday Prayer, the Spirit was speaking. She was speaking words of wisdom and hope despite the grim outlook with so many dying, including family members of parishioners. She was speaking words of encouragement as we seek to be the hands and feet of Christ in these trying times.

This evening we received our orders from the County and the Governor of Colorado to shelter in place. Our church had already suspended worship as per common sense and the recommendation from the Governor and our Presbytery. The church had been closed and all meetings/gatherings had been suspended. Now the office is closing and we will work from home.

We moved all the sound equipment from the Chapel at the Church to our small home where we will set up a new Alternate Sanctuary for Virtual Worship. This new and ever evolving reality is here for a while. A length of time that we cannot define. In this time we can either be ignorant and ignore it, be depressed and see no hope, or see and hold the flickering light of hope which God offers us. As Jesus said in John 1:5–this light shines in the darkness and the darkness will not overcome it.

While I ponder all that is going on, tears fall. Yet even in the midst of the tears, the light flickers and shines. For Denise and for me, ministry is changing and evolving to meet the current crisis and needs of our church family and our own families.

In these times, we both seek the place of contemplation and reflection which God offers. We seek the secret place where Jesus tells us to pray and to pour out our hearts to God. I came across this piece by Thomas Merton in tonight’s final reading for Wednesday from the book, Thomas Merton: A Book of Hours.

Let there be a place somewhere in which you can breathe naturally, quietly, and not have your breath in continuous short gasps. A place where your mind can be idle, and forget its concerns, descend into silence, and worship {God} in secret.

There can be no contemplation where there is no secret. (From New Seeds of Contemplation (p. 82-83))

Dear reader, may we all draw strength from that place of centering and contemplation as we seek to shine the light, love, mercy, and peace which Christ offers.

  1. Thank you dear Brother. On Christ the solid ROCK we stand. All other helps are ‘sinking’ sand. All the idols have fallen or are falling one by one. Only the ROCK will sand. Wherever in the world we may be when all churches are closed and all distractions even of beach, family, sport, entertainment are ‘closed;. We should ALL begin to pray Repentance for the sins of the world against the Higher Authority of God Almighty, Strength and courage and Hope for all follks helping others, and the nurture and heavenwards turning for all Christians to KNOW. There is not a virus, an act of carnage or warfare, or hellfire that can destroy the Gift of God who came in Emmanuel the ONE who is the Christ in us. Our solid rock is the only element that will not be destroy by ANYTHING. Thank God for the virgin birth, the sinless Lamb and the sacrifice at the Cross. May the Redeemed united not pray undivided for the world. amen.

  2. APOLOGISE for typing errors. ONLY THE ROCK WILL STAND. United we now pray..

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