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Transformation – A Reflection

March 19, 2020
A picture from our walk through the Estes Park Playground before the snow began to fall.

Today has been another day of preparation and planning. We also had a virtual Social Hour with some members of our congregation over Zoom. What a wonderful time it was.

Yesterday we walked from the church to Lake Estes and back. It was a break and a breather between planning and our Virtual Evening Prayer service in the Presbyterian Community Church of the Rockies chapel.

Today we awoke to a different scene as the view from my office at Church shows:

It was overnight that this transformation occurred. Transformation… isn’t this what we are in the midst of these days? The transformation as we seek to worship and fellowship in new ways is moving quickly to say the least!

Isn’t life a matter of transformation? Whether it is our Spiritual or Physical being, we are transforming or evolving as God has called us to be. While some choose to see change and transformation as something scary, I choose to see it differently. Change and transformation are positive as our relationship with God and one another transforms and deepens. For me this is a promise of hope, grace, and love from our Creator to each one of us.

In the book, Collected Poems of Thomas Merton, I discovered his poem “A Whitsun Canticle.” This poem speaks to the beauty of transformation.

Beloved Spirit, You are all the prudence and the power

That changes our dust and nothing into fields and fruits;

Enfold our lives forever in the compass of Your peaceful hills. (p. 121)

During the challenges of this time in the life of the world, we can, in fact we must, seek the Spirit’s guidance as She leads us in the dance of life and transformation.

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