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A Midwinter Reflection

January 29, 2020

Water Images

As a part of an online mini-retreat through Abbey of the Arts we were asked to reflect on the upcoming Feast of Saint Brigid (Feb 1st) which is also known as Imbolc in the Celtic Tradition or Candlemas. We are beginning to see the shift from Winter to Spring. This piece was inspired by the retreat.


Water is frozen
Yet life appears
Snow falls
Yet new life waits in the soil
The sky is overcast and grey
Yet the sun will peek out and the days will grow longer
In this midwinter we burrow down under the blankets
Dreaming of the Spring and Summer to come
Yet in the midst of midwinter life is all around
Opportunities to Be Still
Opportunities to read and reflect
Opportunities to simply Be

Yes, even in the midst of midwinter
The signs of new life are around
If we but pause and simply Be Still in the midst of it all

One Comment
  1. Michael, I love your photo collage and your reflective, encouraging thoughts! Thank you for the reminder that spring is on the horizon. 😊❤️

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