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A Resurrection Shaped Life – Jake Owensby loop

January 8, 2020

Have you ever had a connection with someone whom you have never met in person? Someone who’s spiritual thoughts and musings resonate deep within your soul? Meet my friend and brother Jake Owensby! We met through the blogging world and instantly connected.

His book, A Resurrection Shaped Life, is an amazing read that was hard for me to put down when I read it. It is a combination of a reflective autobiography and journal of spiritual discernment which he invites the reader to enter.

He draws you in and welcomes you to accompany him as he reflects on his own life experience in a raw and honest way. His use of his own story alongside of the Scriptural narrative is both imaginative and compelling. The reader is drawn into his story in an honest and humble way. You really connect with Jake’s story and the larger narrative of resurrection hope and grace in the midst of adversity.

I can’t recommend this book highly enough, dear reader. I invite you to meet my friend and colleague in ministry within the pages of A Resurrection Shaped Life along with his other books and his blog which is found at this link — Jake Owensby’s Blog

This video gives you a taste of the incredible experience you will have as you sit at the coffee table with Jake and digest both his story and his down to earth reflections.

Jake Owensby – A Resurrection Shaped Life

You can purchase his book at the following Amazon link: Amazon – A Resurrection Shaped Life

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