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Sister Moon at Epiphany

January 6, 2020

Ever since we moved to the Rocky Mountains the Moon has played an important role in my own sacred time. Partially it may be because I now have a camera that receives such amazing images. 

I remember looking up into the night sky each time I was deployed with the military or on training exercises. To see the Moon and the constellation Orion in the night sky always connected me with family back home. To see the Moon rising over the mountains in Afghanistan knowing that my family saw the same Moon back home brought me much comfort.

Thanks to courses I have been a part of with the Abbey of the Arts Abbey of the Arts (Especially Eye of the Heart: Photography as a Contemplative Practice) my eye and my heart have been opened greatly. I spent many years, especially overseas in the military, “taking” pictures. Even initially here in the Mountains I saw the act as taking pictures instead of receiving them.

Sister Moon has indeed taught me so much spiritually.

A clear night to welcome the New Year
I watched the waxing crescent moon 
Watched as she made her trip across the night sky
At night the opportunity is there
To slow down
To Be Still
A time of Examen
A time to simply Be

This picture at the top of the blog came to me by inspiration. I had been following Sister Moon in the National Park after my Mom’s death and while Denise was with her Mom who was in the hospital a mere three months after my Mom’s death. My spirit was in turmoil as I also at that same time was walking with a number of parishioners through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. Sister Moon brought me comfort and connection with Denise during a difficult time. Seeing her in the park and then in the middle of the cross in our outdoor chapel was truly a blessing. Even as I write this, she is rising over Mount Olympus which I can see out my office window!

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